WEB works, across borders as well

Gepubliceerd: Wednesday 03 July 2019 12:49

The last couple of months we received a host of foreigners from across the world.

Within a European exchange project, we welcomed a Spanish delegation of labour negotiators and employer organisations. They were given a tour of company grounds in Spanish as well as in English. Our European guests were especially interested in our approach to long-term unemployment. Inspired by our methods of job and language coaching, workplace learning and job design, they returned home, packing suitcases full of ideas. Buena suerte!

A little while before, visitors from Slovenia let themselves be inspired by I-Diverso. Our philosophy and tools were noted, and steps were taken to apply these methods on the Slovenian labour market as well. Dobro!

In the past we received guests from Bulgaria as well, and more recently a group of Italian exchange students from San Benedetto del Tronto, who were given a guided tour in their mother language.

All in all, a fine example of how other countries look at us, our multicultural and inclusive approach to society, and the available language skills within our own company!