Who are we?

WEB is developing various initiatives in the region to help people who are struggling in the labour market to find a sustainable job. To this end we work together with various partners: VDAB, educational institutions, trade unions, employers’ organisations, local authorities… We offer support, coaching and guidance to the most vulnerable target groups on the labour market. In addition, we develop our own social employment initiatives.


And we also pay attention to the employers. Through I-Diverso we support and help employers find their way towards inclusive entrepreneurship. As an organisation we are constantly in motion and respond to current needs in the labour market or among our target groups.

Training, coaching and coaching of vulnerable target groups

People without a diploma, non-native speakers, elderly people, with a physical disability, etc. often have a hard time in our highly competitive labour market. With the necessary coaching, guidance and training there is actually a lot they can do. Our ‘towards a tailor-made job’ pillar takes these people closer to a full and satisfying job.

Own employment

With various social employment initiatives, we offer people the chance of full and high-quality work. With intensive support they learn on the floor and build up work experience. Each employment initiative has its own activities and target audience. Our current employment initiatives include Eethuis , Informatek, ResourceLab, Assist huishoudhulp, Assist Klusdienst, Assist Energiesnoeiers, de Kringwinkel and Cebes

Support to employers

In order to give opportunities to people who are at a distance from the labour market in their companies, employers often need support. With I-Diverso we support employers who want to involve people with poor job prospects in their operations.

We coach employers in their transition towards an inclusive company. We also help companies and organisations through the jumble of employment measures, which enables them to save a great deal on labour costs.