A more efficient way of sorting clothing

Gepubliceerd: Thursday 18 July 2019 08:16

Every year our Kringwinkel center sorts around 365 tons of clothing and textile. If one piece of clothing weighs about 260 grams, we are looking at 1.4 million pieces of clothing! To sort this large amount of clothing more efficiently, we placed a new sorting installation.

Before, clothing was manually sorted on tables, leaving employees to pull the pieces off huge piles of clothing.


To help them in making their job more comfortable, separate working stations were created for rough sorting, fine sorting of man-woman-children’s clothing and textile sorting. An automatic conveyer belt makes sure these pieces of clothing fall into the right receiving bin, where employees sort them out roughly. After this check-up, they are separated into smaller fractions through a sliding system and fall onto the sorting tables.   

Thanks to this new installation, we will be able to employ our workers in a more flexible manner: everyone can work at every station. Last but certainly not least, the installation brings ergonomic benefits as well, which, in turn, enforces reusability!