• Record breaking year for De Kringwinkel!

    Gepubliceerd: Tuesday 17 July 2018 09:13

    More and more customers in De Kringwinkel each year 6 million customers (+3%) for De Kringwinkel in 2017 Never before did so many people pay a visit to De Kringwinkel as they did last year. No less than 6 million customers bought 5,34 kgs of items each. This led to a record breaking revenue of 54,4 […]

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  • Second-hand ‘Repaint’ paint also available in Kringwinkel Meer!

    Gepubliceerd: Friday 22 June 2018 07:22

    Succesful pilot project Repaint gets expansion At the start of 2017 we collaborated in a pilot project to re-use old paint, which was disposed of in recycling parcs. IOK Afvalbeheer, De Sprong vzw, Kringwinkel ZuiderKempen and Kringwinkel WEB, and AkzoNobel all worked together in this project called ‘Repaint’ (Recycled paint), and in doing so, tried to keep […]

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