WEB is under construction!

Gepubliceerd: Tuesday 16 July 2019 08:56

Some very exciting things are going on at WEB these days, infrastructurally speaking.

First of all, the grounds formerly known as Peeters Govers in the Korte Gasthuisstraat were bought, an area of approximately 3.800m². In this building, we are planning to shape an entirely new concept, a synergy between De Kringwinkel and our Eethuis: a big shopping space of 1.250m², an overlapping restaurant/bistro, a separate giving area and ample parking space in the heart of Turnhout. Only smaller goods can be given, furniture still has to be brought to the Steenweg op Tielen 70. More details on this later.

In Retie we are planning a move as well. Our Kringwinkel in the Sint Martinusstraat 50 will move a couple of house numbers, to number 76. This store is a bit bigger, but, most of all, has much more needed storage space. We are expecting to move at the start of October. Come and say hi then!   

Finally, we are in the middle of a construction site ourselves at the Steenweg op Tielen 70 in Turnhout! You probably already noticed: all the buildings and the parking lot (in a later phase) are being rebuilt. Firstly, we are modifying the building which will finish up somewhere in November. The goal? Create an open office space with activity oriented working spaces and natural light where anyone can work anywhere. We are adding extra meeting rooms and checking sanitary piping and electricity. The glass in the windows has been replaced, the façade repainted, heating and air-conditioning adjusted. An entirely new front desk is being built for visitors of WEB, reachable via the main entrance (path at the right side of the building).

Construction outside only starts later on (after the building itself is finished), probably around the end of 2019 – start of 2020. A new and low green zone will surround the company grounds, we will add more parking spots (on hardened terrain), a main entrance with clear signage and bicycle storage.