WEB is moving out (partly)!

Gepubliceerd: Thursday 28 June 2018 06:18

At the start of July, a couple of our initiatives will be moving from Steenweg op Tielen 70 to Parklaan 20 in Turnhout:

  • ResourceLab, our upcycling initiative where old wood is used as a resource in crafting ‘new’ design furniture.
  • WEB Assist, Huishoudhulp (household help), Klusdienst (Handyman services), Energiesnoeiers (advisors in energy efficient measures for social housing) and all desks and administration.
  • Informatek, collecting and repairing second-hand laptops and computers.
  • CeBes, office simulation for schools, a digital learning package.

The liberated space at Steenweg op Tielen 70 will be used to house our textile and clothing initiative of De Kringwinkel WEB. The former location of Informatek in Herentals will disappear.

There’s more, however. In Herentals, WEB will house some initiatives of Education and Support, like in Turnhout, Mol and Geel. Starting September 1st in the Fraikinstraat, Herentals.