Record breaking year for De Kringwinkel!

Gepubliceerd: Tuesday 17 July 2018 09:13

More and more customers in De Kringwinkel each year

6 million customers (+3%) for De Kringwinkel in 2017

Never before did so many people pay a visit to De Kringwinkel as they did last year. No less than 6 million customers bought 5,34 kgs of items each. This led to a record breaking revenue of 54,4 million euros (+6%). Especially clothing and household effects, such as glasses or cutlery, are being bought.

The collected goods, as well, broke records past year. All 137 Kringwinkels in Belgium collected 78.500 tons of goods in total, a rise of 7,7%. Almost half of this (44% or 34.800 tons) was sold again in De Kringwinkel.

De number of transactions in the stores rose with 3% to 6 million. Together, all the people in Flanders bought for around 54,4 million euros of used goods in De Kringwinkel, which is about 6% more than in 2016. Looking at this individually, each customer spent about 9 euros last year in De Kringwinkel.

Top 5 of most popular items (revenue wise):

  1. Textile (clothing): 35%
  2. Household effects (glasses, cutlery, plates, …): 20%
  3. Furniture: 19%
  4. Books, music, multimedia: 8%
  5. Leisure: 8%

Part of this growth is due to the expansion of De Kringwinkel’s network. “Last year, 4 new stores opened. A store nearby stimulates people in bringing and buying used items,” according to Liesbeth De Schamphelaere, spokeswoman of De Kringwinkel.

This is not the only explanation for De Kringwinkel’s success though. An earlier survey from De Kringwinkel, and showed that cheaper pricing is the main reason to choose used goods, for 4 out of 5 second-hand buyers. Almost 40% just ‘likes’ to search for used goods in the store, and 31% bought used goods because of environmental reasons.