(Language and) Talent always surfaces!

Gepubliceerd: Wednesday 14 November 2018 08:20

N. started our ESF-project Language & Talent at WEB. He has been in Belgium for two years now, and wanted to work as a mechanic in a garage. Unfortunately, in his country of origin, being a mechanic is quite different than here.

During the project, it immediately became clear that N. was a dutiful person, who did the utmost to gain experience in order to better position himself on the labour market.

Past summer, N. not only followed individual coaching, but also underwent learning environments to better sculpt his project of Language and Talent. Following this, WEB went and searched a company willing to give N. a chance at an internship.

WEB even found a garage for an internship. During follow-up talks, it became clear that everything was going well. Both N. and the employer were given handles to smoothen the internship and make his talent surface even more.

At the end of October, the internship ended. The garage was very happy with the results and quality of work N. had provided. That’s why they want to teach him the skills to become a real mechanic here in Belgium. He was given an IBO-contract for the future. Dixit N.: ‘A dream come true in Belgium!‘.